Some Jerk RIFFS: Disneyland Opening Day Telecast w/ Spazz Master and Doggans

Part 1

Parts 2 and 3 coming soon!

On July 17, 1955, Disneyland held its opening ceremonies and ABC’s live television cameras were there to document the madness as best as they could. They called it “Dateline Disneyland,” and now, sixty-one years later, Some Jerk With A Camera, Spazz Master and Doggans team up to riff that historic telecast apart!

Some Jerk With A Camera

About Some Jerk With A Camera

Tony Goldmark, aka Some Jerk With A Camera, reviews the attractions of Disneyland on location at the park itself, with plenty of absurdist comedy and weird digressions at a manic, cartoony pace.