Levi’s Cleaning Quartet (Attack on Titan) – A Capella Comedy Song

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Captain Levi says it’s Clean Time
Cleaning we must do
The/fact we’re graced with his time makes
Our squad a lucky few

‘Cuz/He’s handsome, great, and we masturbate
To his amazing face
But not right now ‘cuz he won’t allow
Us/to dirty this place!

Eren stops singing with them.

Cuz/It’s time to clean and make things gleam
For Captain Levi’s sanity
For it/makes him smile and we all Sieg Heil
To the/savior of humanity

He turns all heads, gets men in bed
With such amazing ease
With that/awesome bod he’s practically a god
Captain Levi we shall please

With that awesome bod he is
Practically a god!

Captain Levi we shall please!


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