The ongoing trend of big budget comic book movies has had its ups and downs and one major down for many fans has been the 2011 reboot of the 30s-era pulp crimefighter, The Green Hornet, starring comedic actor Seth Rogen as a much goofier Green Hornet than we’ve ever seen before. Alongside him is Taiwanese musical superstar, Jay Chou, as his highly-skilled sidekick, Kato. These nearly 80-year-old characters have seen their own fair share of reinterpretations- most famously, a 1966 TV series that only lasted one season and starred Van Williams and martial arts master Bruce Lee. In this episode of The DVD Shelf Movie Reviews, I’ll look at The Green Hornet’s illustrious history, then I’ll put Seth Rogen’s controversial turn as the masked vigilante to the test and see if the film truly deserves the hate it gets. Also included is a little bonus review of 2013’s reboot of another legendary hero, The Lone Ranger, who is actually considered to be an ancestor of The Green Hornet.

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