GOLDMARK AFTER DARK: The Album! Tony Goldmark, aka Some Jerk With A Camera, proudly presents the comedy album GOLDMARK AFTER DARK, now available to stream, download and buy on an actual physical CD!
Patrick Huff Tyler and Herb the intern talk about Tyler’s indie arch nemesis…Patrick Huff!
Patrick Huff
Oculus In this episode of Keeping Current with King, Sarge gives you his thoughts on the latest horror film, Oculus. Of course, there’s always a chance he took it too seriously…
Sports Films Rich brings Tyler out to the baseball field to persuade him on making a sports film. Will his dream come true?
Sports Films
Vlog- Ressha Sentai ToQger #7 Chew chew, all aboard the train to lazy town! Population: ToQger!
Vlog- Ressha Sentai ToQger #7
Interns Tyler meets Vincent Polk’s intern Herb. Do they get along or do they knock heads?
Rio 2 A WILD BIRDMAN HAS APPEARED, and R. L. King has no idea how he got inside his house. The only thing crazier is that he chose to go watch a movie starring Jesse Eisenbird.
Rio 2
Who is Tyler Sebert? Tyler has some questions that need to be answered. So here we go. Let’s answer them…in a sort of non-answerable way.
Who is Tyler Sebert?
Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor In her last Doctor Who episode (for a while, anyway), Ursa gives us a rundown on David Tennant, New Who Series 2-4.5, the Doctor getting too human, the Time Lord Victorious, how (not) to set up your replacement, and why Ten is her favourite. May also include an angry Welshman shouting over the phone. [
Doctor Who: The Tenth Doctor
Vlog- ToQger vs. Gaim (Crossover Special) What happens when the fabulous fruit fighters of Gaim meet our exceptional express elites of ToQger? WHACKINESS!
Vlog- ToQger vs. Gaim (Crossover Special)